Our Inspiration

Shashi Shah

Shashi was a joyful man with a big, charismatic personality and everyone that met him was motivated by his energy and optimism.

Much of what powered Shashi was a simple love of life, a gift for living, and generously giving according to the tenants of his Jain faith. He loved cooking, gardening and sports. He built strong, meaningful relationships with his family, friends, and community.

Shashi’s accomplishments speak for themselves. A born visionary and one of Canada’s great entrepreneurs, his companies were celebrated as some of the best managed, largest and most successful in the country.
Shashi peacefully passed away in the spring of 2020.

Ajay Shah

Ajay approached every aspect of life passionately. As one of the founders, and a key contributor to the group’s business success, he had a natural ability to help others find and apply their strengths. He inspired people and treated everyone with fairness and equity and his approach to building relationships with employees, customers and vendors was unmatched.

Born with entrepreneurial instincts and a modern approach to business, Ajay enjoyed meeting with suppliers and traveling across the world, searching for the latest herbs, spices and superfoods!

Ajay was an avid sports enthusiast and family was his priority. While his passing was untimely, his vision and excitement for Shah Canada Group lives on.