Shah Canada Group of Companies

The Shah Canada Group of Companies serves as the central organizational and management hub for the operations, planning and legacy of the Shah family and its businesses.

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What has built, sustained and inspired us.

As the focal point for the Shah family businesses and philanthropic initiatives, Shah Canada Group encompasses our current and future ventures in food, trade, philanthropy, real estate and investments.

To Remain Present

In everything we do, we strive to listen, look and learn in order to improve the quality and end-user experience of our products and services.

Our Track Record

We adopt best practices, as well as developing our own. Several of our companies have been acknowledged as Canada’s best-managed and have won many of the most coveted awards in this arena.

Informed By Our Lineage

Inspired by multiple generations of experience, from our roots in East Africa on to Canada and beyond, Shah Canada has pursued the thoughtful path to business growth. This is based on the ancient Jain philosophy.

Our Values Drive Stability

Some of our core values include; acting with purpose, honesty, working hard, mindfulness, and giving back.

Recognized among Canada’s Best Managed Companies

We have been honoured by the accolades we have received.

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Our Companies and Brands

The Shah Canada Group of Companies explained.

Each member of the Shah Canada Group of Companies is a distinct legal entity and responsible for its own operations, assets and liabilities. This aligns with our thinking about how enduring legacies should be built. Click on the companies below to learn more.

A rich history as a foundation for a bright future.

In 1974, Shashi Shah began planning a new business venture in Canada. Having run successful clothing and textile operations in East Africa with his brother Amu, Shashi’s initial notion involved textiles. However, market research soon revealed that fashion trends in Canada were vastly different to those back home. He couldn’t help but notice that ethnic foods available in Canada tended to be overpriced and lacking in quality and freshness. With immigrants arriving from all over the world providing a ready market, he and his brother Praful seized the opportunity and established Shah Trading Co. Ltd.

A legacy three decades in the making! Over the next 30 years, Shashi and brothers Praful, Tony and Baba built what would become the largest and most successful ethnic food company in Canada


First warehouse opens in Montreal, Canada


Second Warehouse extends to Toronto, Canada


New distribution and manufacturing plant in Toronto, Canada


State-of-the-art rice processing facility in Toronto, Canada


New distribution and manufacturing facility in Montreal, Canada


STC America; New York operations begins. Acquired WITCO.

Shah Canada is born.

Shah Canada becomes it’s own entity, distinct from Shah Trading. In 2005, backed by their father Shashi Shah, brothers Sujay and Ajay launched their own entrepreneurial initiative, Shah Canada Group. Joined later by their youngest brother, Rajay, they applied the knowledge they’d collected growing up in the family business to build a trading powerhouse dedicated to launching, acquiring, and nurturing a portfolio of mainly food sector organizations. Placing their faith in applied technology and innovation, they set about doing things in ways the industry had never seen before. It helped that the trio had the blessing of a supportive father, a wealth of resources and valuable global connections to drive the new enterprise forward. What began as an idea is today a multifaceted business grown from modern education, the wellspring of Jain ethics and East African values.


Launched Shashi Foods


Established New York/ New Jersey warehouse


Acquires MJ’s Fine Foods


Launched Kii Naturals


Kii Naturals sold


Launched Smile Natural Foods

Our Initiatives

Jainism, a religion dating back thousands of years, has played a central role in shaping the Shah Canada of today. The group humbly embodies a balance of values founded in family, community and business.

Where, how and why we give back.
  • We are the lead donor of the Jain Society of Toronto Temple
  • We are the lead donor of the Guyana Karate College
  • Local Canadian food banks
  • Local hospitals
  • Education programs throughout the Caribbean and Canada
  • Numerous initiatives throughout East Africa, including wildlife, education, water, and health and welfare

Let’s talk.

We welcome both business inquiries and those from individuals interested employment opportunities with Shah Canada Group.

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